Monday, September 1, 2014

On Labor Day...

Happy Labor Day, friends!  This is just a reminder that Pray for Me Monday is still going on every Monday on my Facebook page!  If you need a friend to pray for you at any time (even if it's not Monday!) just let me know.  I post a reminder there each week, so follow my page if you'd like to join in.

This blog is not here just so I can have a place to blab about decorating, parties, and DIY--although we do a lot of that here.  I'm here to connect with you all.  And I've been amazed at the friends I've made here.  Even those of you whose faces I may never lay eyes on-- we can meet right here and help each other.  Do you have a prayer request today?  Let me know.

And here's a promise for you on this Labor Day, straight from the Heavenly Father, for those of you needing this right this moment.

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