Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shopping Destination: Lou Lou {Annapolis, MD}

When I went to Washington D.C. last month with my son and his class, I knew the trip would be all about museums, monuments, tours and memorials rather than restaurants, shopping, and city hot spots like our usual city travel agendas.  And I was totally fine with that.  I don't get tired of seeing our national treasures, especially with this kid, who loves American history...

In fact, the highlight of the trip for me was the tour of the White House which I hadn't been on in years.  And fortunately for us, we got to go in on the last day it was open for tours until they decide to open it again.  I wish I could've taken a few close-ups of some of the decor to show you, but that's a big no-no, so this is the best I could do...

But, on our last afternoon of the trip, we spent a few hours in Annapolis, Maryland, touring the Naval Academy and shopping along the waterfront.  Since my best friend was with me on the trip, we took advantage of the time and hit a few cute shops.  It only took us a few minutes to find our favorite, so I had to snap a few pics so I could share it with you.

It's called Lou Lou and it's a fabulous shop full of great gifts and accessories.  It is adorably styled with awesome chandeliers and vintage found objects.

We loved it all and would've stayed longer if we had had the time.  {Note to self: next time, visit without a bus full of kids waiting on you.}

So, check them out on Main Street in Annapolis if you're in the area.  Or click here to visit their website and see the list of their other locations in VA, DC, MD, and Boston!


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