Friday, April 19, 2013

Fresh Greens Are in the House

Use-what-you-have decorating is the one of the best ways of decorating.  But you already knew that, didn't you?

Just remember-- that method not only applies to the things inside your house, you can use what's outside your house, too!  Obviously, spring and summer are great times to bring in cut flowers from your yard, but you can also bring in some fresh greens cut from bushes or trees.

We happen to have a ton of laurel bushes in our yard, which means I never have a shortage of greenery to bring indoors whenever I get the urge.  And this time of year, they bloom with these little white flowers, which is even better.

And just a few snips here and there can really bring a room alive.

Click here to see how I used my own bushes to make arrangements for my parents' anniversary reception last summer!  

How do you use what you have to decorate?


  1. Pretty! I love fresh greens and they are free, even better. Jean

  2. I use my laurel, alot! It smells so fresh and stays green quite a while!

  3. Beautiful, Julie! I love laurel bushes but we can't grow them here. They are gorgeous used as an accent. xo Diana


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