Wednesday, April 17, 2013

5 Minute {Un-} Dipped Gold Vase

I'm loving gold-dipped pretty much everything these days.  Shoes, flatware, vases--I love them.

And I just discovered a trick to getting the gold-dipped look on a plain glass vase without the mess of painting.

Have I mentioned how I love the metallic gold Duck Tape?  It's great.  And in 3 easy steps, it can add a little glam to a plain glass vase.

1.  Clean and dry your vase.

2.  Turn the vase upside down and add a strip of the gold tape. (Add more strips if you want a striped vase!)

3.  Cut the tape and smooth the seam.

That's it!  I think these would be great on tables for a reception or party.

And since this technique is not permanent, you can remove the tape later if you want to.  

See my recent Duck Tape Art project for another idea.  I am so on a roll with this metallic Duck Tape.  (No pun intended, of course!)  Find a great deal on it here!

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  1. How great and simple is this!! Fabulous!!~~Angela

  2. Great Idea! Thanks for sharing

  3. This is so pretty! If you get a chance, please link this to my Sunday linky party (starts Sat 6pm)


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