Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring From the Inside Out

Maybe this is the strategy we should try in order to make this Spring actually feel like Spring.  Like most of the country, it's feeling a lot like winter here in East Tennessee.

But maybe we can start Spring from the inside out if we all put out a little more Spring d├ęcor.  

I don't mean anything too fancy or difficult.  Maybe just a little sprig of Spring here or a bird nest there...

Thrift store urns or containers are perfect for these kinds of arrangements.

Just gather a few spring florals you may have on hand or pick up a few from Hobby Lobby.  I re-used some of the stems I used for my Front Door Flower Baskets from last year along with some sticks from the yard.

Stand them in the pot and wire them together...

Stuff in some paper to hold them in...

Then cover it up with a little of this nesting straw or moss...

Hang a little bird in a cage in there somewhere if you have one...

Or stick a nest on there somewhere...

Then you could make a Spring banner using some black poster board triangles, and some mini clothespins and twine.

Maybe put a nest under a cloche and display a pretty thrift store saucer as well...

And then step back and start celebrating Spring.  

There may be a cold wintry mix coming down outside like it is at my house at the moment...

But it can still be Spring inside.

It will show up eventually--right?  Brrrrrr!

{You can see more about the projects I've done in this dining room by clicking here. }

TDC Before and After


  1. Perfect! Love those twiggy arrangements :)

    I can't get enough of your dining room. It's exactly what I'd like mine to look like someday!

  2. Very pretty! I like the floral arrangements. I love the last photo of your dining room. It's so light and airy, very pretty!

  3. Great arrangements Julie.

    This is just what we do at this time of year. We pop into the garden and we take a small branch of something in bud or blossom to enjoy up close inside in some pretty vintage bottles we have.


  4. Amazingly wonderful! You did an excellent job. Found you via Thirty Decor Chic. I'm your newest follower. You can find me decorating, painting and baking on HickoryTrail

  5. Gorgeous dining room! I love all your details ;)
    Jamie @


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