Thursday, January 10, 2013

DIY Embellished Storage Boxes

Looking for a storage solution that reflects your own style without spending a fortune?  Use your creativity to embellish plain boxes and you'll have a look you like without busting your budget.

That's what I did when I recently re-organized my closet shelves.  I needed some boxes that would be functional enough to hold my "stuff" and still coordinate with some hat boxes I wanted to use from TJ Maxx.  

After searching and not finding just the right look, I picked up four of these plain jane photo storage boxes from JoAnn (I've also seen these at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores)...

And then I found these great metal bookplates in the scrapbook supplies aisle.  The total for all of it was just over $12 with sales and a coupon!  

Then, I gave the hardware a good coat of my favorite Krylon Gold Metallic Spray...

Using my old typewriter, I typed up some number labels and hot-glued the plates to the blank ends of the boxes.  (No need to remove the original label plate, just turn the box around.)

It's so much more fun to keep things organized when you add a little style.  I love how these look with the hat boxes and my vase of bracelets.  Read more on that here.

Maybe this will give you that inspiration you've been looking for to organize that space that's been calling you!  


  1. Great idea, Julie- I am working on organizing my craft area- this is a really cute solution- xo Diana

  2. Wow! What a beautiful and organized space! Love the re-dos!

  3. I love this whole vignette! The boxes came out awesome but I especially love the hat boxes! I found you via Liz Marie Blog I am a nw follower & hope you will do the same for me!!

    Thank you~

  4. Great idea! I have been looking for an idea to organize my family's keepsakes by family member and an embellished box for my journaling supplies. It would all fit nicely in my closet. I love to be organized! Thank you for the tip!

  5. These look great with your hat boxes. Very classy indeed! So happy to have stumbled into your door. Will return often for inspiration!

  6. I just bought these very boxes before Christmas on sale! Used them in our son's room to just need to go back and add some labels. Wonderful idea- thank you!

  7. beautiful! i'm in love with those brackets, I used them in my craft room to label all of my bins ... i sprayed painted mine an aqua color, but i love the gold!! super cute, thanks for sharing ♥

  8. NNnnnnice! Jealous I didn't stumble on them first! (I bought some this weekend for organizing, but just the ordinary rectangular shaped ones...) Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. So pretty! The new hardware is gorgeous. It's got a great vintage-y vibe!!


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