Thursday, March 22, 2012

Front Door Flower Basket How-To

I've talked to y'all before about my front door fetish, and how I'm kinda picky about having just the right kind of décor hanging on the front door.  And you know you won't see my house with a naked front door unless I'm somehow incapacitated while in the midst of changing out my seasonal wreaths.  So, I know you're not going to be surprised when I tell you why I had to replace my nice moss wreaths I showed you in this post.  

I loved them.  Really.  But I found out after a few days that they were moody.  I take full responsibility since I was the one who made them that way.  It wasn't the moss itself.  That was great.  It was what was on the inside.  That tubing I used to make the wreath form turned out to have a weak personality.  And as a result, I started noticing my wreaths begin to look more like ovals than circles.   And I still have just enough OCD for that to drive me almost crazy.  

I really did try to make the relationship work, but they were so whiny & constantly needing attention.  I would walk by the front door and see this:

And that was on a good day.  They were much more saggy at times.  It got to where I had to rotate them every couple of days to even them out.  I'm just not a fan of high maintenance décor.  So, I decided that next time I make moss wreaths, I will use a much stronger form.  But, as for these, they had to go.  

So, I continued my recent trend of making friends with faux, I replaced the wonky moss wreaths with a couple of these...

And so far, I'm liking them.  They're a nice little touch of Spring after a long blah winter.  And even if you've never made a wreath or arrangement before, you could do this.  Easy.

For the basket, I started out with none other than these straw totes from the dollar section at Target.  They're only $2.50 each, and they work great for a front door basket.

I wanted mine to be a little French-flea market looking, so I gave it a quick brush-over with some white acrylic paint.  You could paint it whatever color you like, or leave it natural.

Next, I folded the front handle into the tote and hot-glued it to the inside back of the tote so it would prevent the tote from flopping open once the flowers were in it.

Then, I was left with just a back handle sticking up which would serve as the hanger.

For the flowers, I used these 7 stems from Hobby Lobby (all 50% off this week).

 Then, I just started layering.  When I use faux stems, I usually just fold them to the length I need, rather than cutting.  That way, I can re-use them later in other ways and it also helps to fill in the empty space in the bottom of the container.  

After all the flowers were in, I added just a few twiggy sticks from my yard...

And for one last touch, I added one of my Chalkboard labels I told you about here.  {**Stay tuned next week--I'll be adding some sets of these to my blog shop for all of you non-DIYers!}

For these baskets, I tied on a little jute...

And then used hot glue to adhere them to the baskets!

And because I want them to speak French...

I hung them on the doors with my traditional ribbon hanging method (by stapling the ends of the ribbon to the top of the door), but that made them lean forward a little.

So, I added a little thumb tack stuck thru the back of the basket into the door.  These shouldn't have this problem if you hang them on a wreath hook.

And that's it!  You can easily make this basket for well under $20 if you shop for the flowers on sale.  These would make great gifts for Easter, Mother's Day or even May Day!

Hope you like them!  I'm sharing them with a few of these friends , Southern Hospitality's Door Decor Party , and Thrifty Decor Chick.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Simple Spring Decorating

The truth is, it will take me longer to write this post than it did for me to Spring-i-fy our formal living room (which we call our Piano Room).  And just like everything else you see here on the blog, if I can do it, so can you!  It doesn't take a lot of time or effort to add a touch of Spring to your house.

Nothing says "Spring" like a few flowers on the mantle, so I added a few flowers on the mantle.  And the best thing about these is that they're (ahemmm) the long-lasting, low-maintenance variety, also known as faux.  (Have you made friends with faux yet?)  I just stuck a few long stems in glass vases and it was pretty much instant Spring.

I already had most of these stems from previous years, but I did splurge on these little purple ones, which cost me $2 each.  (Flowers stems are 50% off at Hobby Lobby this week.)

A little jute tied around the plain glass vases gave them a little more interest..

A little bird nest & a dogwood stem make a cheap & easy filler for a Spring apothecary jar...

I also moved my large bird cage to the hearth and stuck a few stems in it as well...

Hope you all like it!  Don't forget, it doesn't have to be hard to add a little Spring to your home.  And just like everyday decorating, it doesn't have to be perfect. Almost every piece of furniture in this room was either from a thrift store, estate sale, or picked up off of someone's driveway.  Want to see more?  Click on the links:

**Wall color in this room is Sherwin-Williams' Rainwashed. 

The Lettered Cottage

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What I'm Working on This Week

We're right in the middle of Spring Break week here at our house.  And that means we've been working on some special projects.

Like trips to Krispy Kreme...

and late breakfasts...

and a little tv time...

and helping my son study for his driver's permit test...
(I still can't believe this is happening)

soccer practice...

and, of course, playing hard.

Hope you're enjoying your week, wherever you are.  We're working hard at enjoying ours!

**Special thanks to the sweet ladies of Faith Baptist Church for graciously hosting me last night.  It's always an honor to be invited to speak to you! **