Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer Head Silhouette Pillow How-To

And so Deer Season continues here at our house where going overboard with a trend I like is pretty much the norm.  (Which is why we have approximately 225 chalkboards in the house as well.)

Today, it's a Deer Head Silhouette Pillow, made the super-easy way from a man's shirt like the one  I posted about last year.  Click here for the details on constructing the pillow.

First, I cut the shirt to the right size for my insert.  Then, I used a little Heat 'N Bond to iron a deer pattern onto some Christmas plaid, and cut out the deer.

After ironing the deer onto the pillow top, I decided to add a little wreath with some felt leaves like I did on this pillow and this pillow.

A little hot glue holds them in place perfectly.

With the design done, I just sewed the pillow together and I now have another deer head to add to my collection.

Mine's just out for Christmas, but wouldn't this be cute for a  preppy boy's room? I think yes! 

It's a darling deer and I dare you to design one for yourself.  Definitely do-able!  


  1. Julie-That is so cute- You did a wonderful job and it is wonderful that it is more gender neutral! I love it- xo Diana ps. Thanks for the pattern

  2. I love this pillow! So much so that I featured it on my blog! You can check it out here:

    Thanks for such great inspiration!! :)

  3. CUTE!! I think I may have stumbled upon your blog from Southern Hospitality link party. Glad I did. Newest follower :)


  4. Fabulous idea! I think I'd put a couple jingle bells on its neck too


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