Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fresh Coat of Friendship

I'm back from a fabulous long weekend with some great friends that Dave and I have known since college.  We live miles apart now, but we got the families together at our "half-way point", and crammed tons of fun into a few days-- laughing, remembering, and just loving being together.  

And as we were driving home, I couldn't help but think that times like this are like putting a fresh coat of paint on your favorite chair.

You know the one--it's totally unique, you've had it forever, you wouldn't trade it for anything, and you use it until it's good and worn.  It's the one you're automatically drawn to when you want to get comfy.

Not everyone "gets" it, but they don't have to because there's just something about it that's special to you.

And every once in a while, it needs a little update just to keep it fresh.  

So you spend a little time and effort, making it new again.  And then you step back and remember exactly why you love it so much.  And you know, once again, that it was totally worth the investment of yourself because it means so much to you.

I hope you have friendships like this and that you take the time to get together or call each other when you can just to give your relationship a little "update".  

It's really so much more important than a furniture re-vamp.

Who do you need to call today?


  1. Julie- what a great post and reminder. Glad you had a great time with your friends.

  2. I love that perspective - I need to give a few of my friendships a fresh coat of paint!!

  3. Great post- We have friends that we make big efforts to connect with at least once a year. xo Diana

  4. I'm sitting in Starbucks - I just left target after I hung up with you - and now, I'm crying ! So thankful that we did the "fresh coat of paint", thankful we made the effort! That was the exact thing I thought on the way home'!! Knowing our friendship is because of Him and thankful He has sustained our friendship through the years! I can't wait to "paint" with you again!! I love you friend!!


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