Monday, September 24, 2012

Decorating for Fall With a Pastel Palette

I love traditional Autumn hues as much as the next gal this time of year.  Everybody needs a little red, brown, and orange somewhere in the house when Fall rolls around.  But not every room can handle those deep hues.  

If your decorating style lends itself to a softer look, don't can still get the feel of Autumn without cramping your style.

In my house, the kitchen can handle pretty much all the bright orange I want to throw at it, so that's what I usually do.  (See my Fall kitchen décor here and here.)

But, my dining room and formal living room are softer, lighter tones, so I've tried to usher Fall into these rooms accordingly.

In my usual style, I searched and gathered things from all around the house to style the mantel for Fall in the Piano Room.  

The book page wreath and garland are from my Seasonal Shelves from last year.  (You can see more on that here.)  I borrowed the lantern from the family room, and chose a few good colors of books from my stash in the French Cabinet.  There's just something about Fall that begs for books.  And don't forget--when it comes to décor, it's totally fine to judge a book by its cover.

A tiny stick with some punched leaves makes a great little Fall tree.  I made this one like my Fall tree from last year, which you can see here.

A few wheat and feathers in an urn adds some height and balance, and the pale orange pumpkin is just the right hue for the room.

These pale gray pillows from Ross were a cheap and easy substitute for my usual pink ones, which weren't quite right for Fall.

In the dining room, a couple of blue pumpkins add just the right amount of Autumn without being disruptive.  (These gorgeous things were at my local Walmart for only $.48/ pound, but if you can't find this variety where you are, paint the orange ones whatever color you want.)

With color like this, Fall won't wear out its welcome in these rooms 'til Christmas time.  For more mellow styling for Fall, see my Seasonal Shelves in the breakfast room.  

So, how does your house handle the colors of Fall?

Linking this up with the Fall Nesting Party at The Inspired Room and some of these friends.  Check them out for more inspiration!  


  1. So pretty and welcoming, and festive! I love your little surprising details, like the tiny tree under the cloche and the mini pumpkin on the stand in the lantern. And, your tall lantern on the mantel is fabulous!

  2. I love these ideas for a softer palette. With all the orange that fall and Halloween bring, I am usually so exhausted of it all that I can't wait to put it away. Love the idea of using white pumpkins, or small gourds for a subtle touch of fall colors!

  3. Beautiful! I think our family rooms are the same color, and i love how you introduced fall with accessories that work with the cool colors. It can be done! Now I'm wishing I had picked up the orange pillow covers I spotted at IKEA this weekend!

  4. Your little leaf garland might just have to show up on my mantle too!
    Homa Style is having a No Orange Autumn Display Link Party tomorrow on Wednesday and would love to see your creation there. Here's the link...

  5. Pretty colors! Other than the mantel, sofa pillows and island goodies in the kitchen, it's pretty much business as usual, here at The Treasured Home. :)

  6. So soft and pretty! And I can't stop looking at that beautiful sofa!

  7. Such a gorgeous and simple mantel! I love the unusual pumpkin, your use of feathers and your wreath. Plus, your couch is fantastic!



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