Thursday, April 26, 2012


Greetings from the Carousel!  

It feels more like a hamster wheel, really, but I'm choosing to think of it as a carousel.  It's been a very crazy couple of weeks, consisting of lots of activities, field trips with my kids, and growing to-do lists.  One day soon, everything will slow down enough for me to leap off for a little break, but for now, I'm working on enjoying the ride.  I know some of you are riding along as well, so even if you're head is spinning, don't forget to have fun!

Enjoy your weekend... see you soon, friends!  


  1. Love your perspective, and I love the picture!

  2. Enjoy every moment of the ride....because life changes all too does family! xo Diana

  3. Oh dear, don't forget to squeeze in some relaxation time too! God bless x

  4. I like that image. Have a good weekend.


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