Sunday, December 18, 2011

Make-At-Home Peppermint Mochas

'Tis definitely the season for Peppermint Mochas, and they taste even better when you don't have to fork over $4.10 per cute red cup. Here'a a little concoction I've been making at home, & it's every bit as good as Starbucks' when you drink it from your own favorite mug.

It's just 3 simple ingredients: a packet of hot cocoa, a tablespoon of peppermint syrup (ask your local Starbucks to sell you the bottle--mine sold a full-size bottle to me for around $12), and brewed coffee. If you have a Keurig, use a leftover K-cup in any regular flavor of coffee.

Just pour the packet of hot chocolate into the mug & fill with coffee. For the Keurig, I recycle a used K-cup & run it through a second time on 6 oz. setting. Then, just stir in a tablespoon of the peppermint syrup & top with whipped cream!

You're gonna love it! Eat, drink Peppermint Mochas, & be merry!


  1. I didn't know I could buy a bottle of the syrup -- wow! I'm going to put that on my list :)

  2. Walmart has a good size bottle of syrup for about $ 4.00; I think I will try this; it's so easy. Thanks!

  3. Julie -- Great Post. I love making Starbucks at home. Whenever you need a new Starbucks recipe for home, let me know. Hope you guys are doing well.


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