Saturday, July 16, 2011

Black&White Bliss

Dear Black&White:

Have I told you lately that I'm crazy about you? And that no matter how many times I've used you in my house, you never disappoint? I don't care what other people say, I'll never stop fighting to get you accepted as one great color. Sure-- you're two solid colors when you're divided, but put your two parts together & something magical happens. You're no longer just black and white, you're Black&White. I mean, you're the color of Oreos, for Pete's sake. How can anyone not love you? And so I just want to say again, thank you...for just being you.

Your #1 Fan,

A little Ooooh & Ahhhh...


  1. the second image totally grabs me- love it!
    i made your strawberries and marshmallow dip last night and it was a huge hit- thank you!!!

  2. Julie, These are great images! My home office is done in black and white so of course I love this color combo.

  3. You're so right, b&w is such a classic combo...and I'm a fan like you. Thanks for sharing Julie, I'm pinning this. :)

  4. Love that first picture, Julie! One of my favorite black and white features! I'm hoping for one of those floors some day.

  5. First of all, what a great writer you are!

    Secondly, how could you not love black and white? It's a wonderful, classic combo! And these pictures offer some wonderful examples!

    I'd just about kill for that kitchen! Well, that may be a bit extreme, but...


  6. gorgeous photos!

    I love that full black wall, it seems so daring.

    Coley at

  7. Welll...when you put it like that~ Who could resist? xo Diana

  8. Love it! I need to incorporate more black and white into my home as well….

  9. I couldn't have said it better. I loved your images and pinned two of them.

  10. i completely and wholeheartedly agree.


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