Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slipcovered Vase...Just a Little Tweak

So, I'm thinking about writing a book called 101 Projects to Make From a Canvas Drop Cloth. Okay, not really, but it seems like I've done enough canvas projects on this blog to have it half-written. Between my recent Refashioned Jacket, my Coffee Table Bench, & my Slipcovered Chair, I figured--why stop there?

I brought home some of my favorite Starfighter Lilies the other day, stuck them in a vase & thought: "Hmmmm. This really needs something." So, I decided to make a little slipcover for the vase.

Now, I know some of you are slipping into the "She's-got-way-too-much-time-on-her-hands" mode. But, before I lose you completely, you should know I did this project in about 10 minutes while cooking dinner, so I don't even really consider it to be a "real" project. I would classify this as more of a "tweak". And "tweaks" are just a common, everyday occurrence in the life of a person like myself who can't seem to leave well enough alone. Who can relate?

So, for my fellow "tweakers" out there who might like to try this, here's how it goes:

Just take a scrap of canvas in the size you need to fit your vase or container, then pin it to fit (inside out), just like for a furniture slipcover. I just used a pencil to mark my seam line.

Then, you can use stamps & ink to add words or a design.

Then, sew the seam, snip off the excess, turn it, & slip it on. You can have this whole project finished before your pasta even starts to boil.

What have you tweaked lately?

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  1. I would have never thought of slip-covering a vase. Great job, thanks for sharing:)

  2. Oh that is so cute. Love the stamps on it!

  3. I love how the simplest things make such big impacts. That looks like a designer vase now! I might have to finally pick up some of those drop cloths!!!

  4. WOW! Too pretty! I love this project. I bookmarked it for future inspiration!

    I found you through the Shabby Chic Cottage....I'm following you now!

    Come visit! :)


  5. um, hello...awesome! So easy, sweet, and fun! Thanks for the idea!


  6. What a lovely idea!! Simple yet elegant:)Thanks so much for sharing!! I found you through Shabby Chic Cottage, and I'm so excited!!!:-)

  7. I forgot to mention, that I'm your newest follower!!!:)

  8. gorgeous! inspiring! i love it!

  9. Love how this looks and Love how easy it is.
    I found you through Shabby Chic Cottage.


  10. The thought never occurred to me that you have too much time on your hands! You are just a well organized person who gets things done. Love the look of the sleeve your put around the vase. The stamp just adds that finishing touch.

  11. What an easy fix up! I love it!
    Susan @ homeroad

  12. That's really pretty - so simple (many of the best things are ;)

  13. Love this! Simple & cute!!


  14. SO classic and pretty! I love it! Just popping in from TT&J :)

  15. Wow that is so simple yet it adds so much effect! I just love it.

  16. looks awesome, going to buy some stamps!

  17. So cute! Even I should be able to sew that (I'm sewing impaired). What kind of ink do you use for the stamping? What a great idea to make a cover for a vase of flowers for a new homeowner, new mom etc!
    FYI: I found your blog via Being Brook. :)


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