Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Estate Sale Mirror Makeover

So, I have found myself with some extra time on my hands, as the kids are having their second snow day in a row. We are going to have fun around here today and make the most of this fun day--despite the fact that my big plans for the day had to be cancelled. And I have still have shopping to do before Christmas. And the kids are on day two of fighting over the ipad. And two more weeks of this are just around the corner! (AHHHHHHH!)

So, with this extra time, I thought I'd catch up on a little posting and tell you about my recent mirror makeover. Some of you noticed I had a new one in the piano room when I showed you the Christmas decor. And since a certain un-named BFF was giving me a hard time about not showing more of it, here it is (pre-Christmas decor).

I love it!

And yes, you perceptive people may have noticed that this is the 3rd mirror I've had over this mantel in the past year. But this one is The One. I think.

Anyway, I first met this little beauty at an estate sale that Dave and I went to a few weeks ago. It was my first estate sale and it was a lot of long as I didn't think about the fact that we were going thru someone's house and buying everything they ever owned in the world...but that's a whole other post.

But this mirror was waiting for me there, priced at $5 in all its brown painted glory. I snatched it up as fast as you can snatch a huge, heavy, 40" inch round mirror, and brought it home.

It's old, for sure, and was originally painted gold, which is the plan I had for it as well.

I used my favorite Krylon gold on it...

and voilá:

Yes, if you see it in person, you'll notice all the little imperfections...

But, that's what I've come to love about all my "found" treasures. They have a history. A story to tell. And I wouldn't trade this mirror for all the mirrors at Horchow. Okay, you're right, maybe I would.

But I do love a piece with a good story. And you can't buy that online.

I'll link this up with a few of these people. Check them out!

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  1. that looks PERFECT. the whole room is beautiful julie.

  2. I LOVE it. It looks perfect there and I love the color!
    I am on the hunt for the perfect mirror over my mantel also. Im a lil jealous that you scored that one!!

  3. It's fabulous!!! I love what you did with it! It is a true statement piece!

  4. I love it- I love the whole room actually. I think it is perfect...well, at least until you find a new one!<) Hugs-Diana

  5. I am in love with your room! Please PLEASE tell me the color of your walls??

  6. Keep this one! It looks great! The room needs more "circle"

  7. Julie! Ahhhh! This is so dreamy! i love this makeover! I'll be featuring this on BCD on Dec. 20th! Can you tell me what paint color you used in that room! i adore it!

  8. Love the shape and detail on the mirror & it's a perfect example of how quickly spray paint can transform a piece. Thanks for sharing at the Power of Paint party.

  9. Love the mirror, but I want to paint my bedroom the exact color of your walls-- what color is it? Looks beautiful! Thanks!

  10. The mirror is lovely and perfect on your mantle!


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