Sunday, July 11, 2010

Game Room Chalkboard Table How-To

For best results, start these steps at a very early age.

Step #1: Pick a best friend whom you foresee will have great taste in decorating when she has a home & family of her own one day.

Step #2: Begin to build a friendship by inviting her over to your house now & then, writing her notes & signing them "BFF's 4-ever" & "LYLAS" (love ya like a sister).

Step #3: Buy matching shirts that say "Best Friends Forever" and have your picture taken while wearing them so you will always have proof that you are really BFF's.

Step #4: Suggest to your parents that they invite her family along for a vacation to Disney World.

Step #5: Continue step 2 for several years until you both graduate from high school.

Step#6: Choose to attend the same out-of-state college & continue your friendship there.

Step #7: Find a guy & get married as soon as possible after she does, preferably within a month or two of her wedding.

Step #8: Have your first baby within a few months of the birth of her first child. If at all possible, make sure your baby is the same gender as hers so that they can also be BFF's.

Step #9: Continue this process, making sure you always keep your friendship at the BFF level. Have her family over for cookouts & for all your kids' birthdays. Have a girls' night out now & then, and offer to bring her Starbucks when you're on your way to see her.

Step #10: One day, casually ask her if she has ever thought of having a yard sale. Mention you've heard that people can make a lot of money at yard sales. This should seal the deal. On the day of her yard sale, offer to help so that you can have first shot at all the great stuff.

Step #11: Buy a table like this:

Step #12: Take it home & sand it down to rough it up & prepare it for paint.

Step #13: Spray the table top with a few good coats of Chalkboard Spray Paint, and paint the bottom in the color of your choice.

Step #14: Put the table in your game room to use for all kinds of things such as keeping score during a card game...

or keeping track of how many Wii Bowling games are won by each player...

You could even draw a checker board on it & play checkers! Or just use it to hold your glass of sweet tea!

And it would also be great by the front door at a party to hold a basket of party favors with a little message for all the guests.

Just don't forget to invite your BFF to the party. After all, you've been through a lot together!

P.S. I'd like to dedicate this project to Denise, my BFF for (dare I say) 34 years! And yes, I did every one of those steps to get this table. Thanks, Denise!

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  1. This is a great post - I love the longevity of your friendship!

    And this is a super idea for a cute table, too.

    :) Laura

  2. What a CUTE table!! perfect as a scoreboard! be suspicious when your BFF suggests YOU have a yard sale : )

  3. Love this!! Also love all your BFF steps. I have one of those, except she's married and I'm not, but she does not yet have children, there might still be time! :p

    Stopped by from Keeping it Simple!

    ~JILL @

  4. that is so cool! I wish I had a BFF. Or as Anne of Green Gables puts it "A bosom friend" still haven't found mine. It doesn't help that I have moved away from my home state either. I love your table! That is such a great idea!

  5. Great table! I've thought about doing that in my gameroom. Note that I just said "thought"...I need your motivation!

  6. So smart. I love this idea and yours turned out perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Too cute!

    Keep on Junkin!

  8. Oh that's just fabulous!! Sooo creative!
    Hugs to you
    ~Terrell @ FrouFrouDecor~

  9. What a great idea. Love that. I need a little table like that for my gameroom. I must start looking. Thanks for that darling idea.

  10. Fun idea! Thanks for sharing. La

  11. What a fun idea, I love it!!

  12. i wish i have a BFF with lots of cool pieces like yours. great idea on the game room table.

  13. Ha! Love the table and the "story!"

    *I would love for you to check out my blog for a fun giveaway! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Great idea for that table! Love it!

    Thanks for visiting me at Tattered and Inked- I love your blog :)

  15. Super cute! Thanks for helping us have another great Anything Related! ~Bridgette

  16. What a great idea! I love this! And you did such a great job!

    Thank you SO much for your sweet comments and visit today! :)

  17. How fun!!! I love this. :) I like the green too! Thanks so much for the visit today. I wanted to invite you to join in my Dishing It! party this's about {Your Summer Reading List}. :)

  18. very cute way of telling the story! followed you here from rhoda's :-)


  19. I LOVE this project!! I hate scrambling to find a pen and paper on game night.

    Thanks so much for sharing on Fresh Coat Friday!!!


  20. Love, love, love your chalkboard ideas!! But I have one question for you have a problem with the chalk dust? I'm afraid with kids using it that I'm going to have chalk dust flying everywhere. Is there dustless chalk? lol.

  21. @ktivadar
    One way I cut down on the dust is by using a damp cloth to erase the boards. Also, you can use chalkboard markers & there's no dust at all!

  22. great...thanks for the ideas because i just love the chalkboard tables!!


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