Thursday, April 1, 2010

You're Going to Thank Me for This

There's something about us Southern gals (and maybe some of you other gals, too) that makes us want to monogram everything we possibly can. Why is this? Are we worried we'll forget what our initials are? Or accidentally use our husband's hand towel? I'm not sure of the reason. However, I'm absolutely crazy about an interlocking monogram. Especially stitched onto a nice white towel. And because I like you all, I'm going to share with you my favorite place to get a good monogrammed towel. And for prices you won't believe.

You may know Horchow for their great home decor & furniture. (If you don't know them, you really must ) . But one of their best kept secrets are their towels. My favorite are their Ralph Lauren Lawton Collection. Click here to see these great towels.

You will not believe their prices. And for today & tomorrow, all their towels are an extra 20% off with Free Shipping! You will not beat these prices for this quality of towels, people. I have these towels in almost all my bathrooms. And I did in my previous house as well. I even embellished my little girls' towels with a little black & white ribbon.

And for my bathroom, I use the white on white. Can you tell I love these towels? Trust me, you will too.

No, I am not a paid spokesperson for Horchow. I'm just a happy customer. But, Horchow, if you really want to thank me for spreading the news about your great towels, I will happily accept this gorgeous Safavieh La Petite Carved Sofa that I've been drooling over to go in my piano room. I'll be waiting for the delivery!

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  1. Love the towels and I will be checking them out today. Love the ribbon you put on your girls towels it really glams them up.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Already a follower, enjoy your blog also saw you on new friend Friday!

  3. Must. Have. That. Couch.
    Stopped by from New Friend Follow, now following.
    With taste like that, how could I not.

  4. Love the black & white bathroom.

    thanks for stopping by my blog - Hope you have a nice weekend♥

  5. ***DROOLING*** over that couch too!!! Those towels are beautiful, I will go check them out! I was born & raised on the plains of North Dakota, but spent 8 yrs in the south & I truly belive I am a 'southern gal' at heart! I too am OBSESSED with monogramming! My boys will NEVER forget their names! ha! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Just checked out the towels! Yes ~ a really good deal and such good quality! Thanks for sharing lots of good info all the time! Have a beautiful day! :)

  7. I (heart) monograms too. I'm clicking over to Horchow's now. Sale is still on, but I think the free shipping is over, boooooo.. (oh found you at its fun to craft, the butterfly art is gorgeous!)

  8. Maybe it's because I grew up never able to find anything with my name on it, but i LOVE monogrammed anything. Even my car is initialed.


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